Meet the Puli Dogs of Moondance Inn

There are dogs and then there are Puli Dogs.You won’t find these pups at any other Red Wing Bed and Breakfast! Jumping, twirling, walking, leaping, The Moondance Inn Pulis are the hardest working dogs in the B & B business. The breed is quite old, originating in the Middle East and later moving into Hungary and other middle European countries. They are sheepherders with a very unique way of doing their job.

Stay at the Moondance Inn Bed and Breakfast in Red Wing, MN, and learn all about them. You should also know that they live in the carriage house with Chris and Mike, and not in the B&B. So, while you can see them, you do not have to live with them! Our Red Wing MN Bed Breakfast has got tons of puppy fun waiting for you.